Free Webinar: Do pet projects kill a business?


We have all seen them.

Pet projects have strong support from a senior leader, but it can be difficult to see exactly why it matters so much. 

- What impact do pet projects have?

- How do they harm the performance of your organization?

- How can you identify and eliminate pet projects? 

In this interview, Amanda Oakenfull a.k.a The Mechanic will share both her experience and her advice on how to maintain a high impact portfolio sans pet projects. 

Knowing Amanda as we do, this is going to be a power-packed session! 

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Date: 9th September 2020, 4 PM AEST 

About the Speaker: Amanda Oakenfull, Associate Partner IBM

Amanda has a track record in turning around projects, programs and portfolios.

As an experienced executive, Amanda brings over 20 years of professional experience in the public and private sector, where she has successfully delivered large transformations in the Defence, ICT, Telecommunications, Engineering, and Health sectors from initial strategy development through to implementation delivery and on-going benefits realization.

She has also been engaged as a trusted advisor and also brings her deep experience to her role as a mentor within the Australian Institute of Project Management – PMO Program, upskilling the next generation of Portfolio and Program specialists.

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