Academic Subsidy Program

We love supporting academic research and teaching. We get a lot of requests for subsidized access to our more powerful, Enterprise applications. That's why we created the ASP!

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This program gives academics access to our Enterprise software at massively reduced prices (please check here to see if one of our self-service products is enough for you). To apply, please fill in this form, but first, read on...

Apply now for our Academic Subsidy Program

The TransparentChoice Enterprise software is very powerful, but it is beyond the reach of most researchers, teachers and students. 

That's why we created the Academic Subsidy Program (ASP). This program lets us grant access to our Enterprise software, software that typically costs tens-of-thousands-of Dollars, to academics around the world.

Over 700 academic institutions have already accessed TransparentChoice software for research, teaching or study.

There are some criteria we use to evaluate your application for the ASP. They include;

  • Whether or not your research is sponsored by government, a company or NGO
  • Whether or not you are using the tool for teaching
  • Where and how you expect to publish your work
  • Whether or not you are happy for us to publish a summary of your research 
  • Whether or not you are happy to publish your AHP model as a free template on our website

Let's dig a little deeper into some of those criteria:


We want to know whether or not your work is sponsored by another organization because that organization is likely to derive some benefit from the research. In this case, the level of subsidy may be reduced.

Publish a Summary

We'd like to publish a summary of your research. This is typically quite a short piece covering what you're working on, why you're using AHP and why you selected TransparentChoice. If you have results, we'd love to write about that too.

AHP Blast-off

We'd like to make it easier for academic work to transition into the "real world," something that is long over-due. As such, we'd like to share your AHP model as a template for others to use.