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The Goldilocks of Project Portfolios

Live webinar with portfolio management guru, Mike Hannan, and TransparentChoice's Dan Dures

17 July 2024 @ 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST

When it comes to resource planning, most project portfolios are managed either with intuition and spreadsheets, or with big, monolithic PPM systems (and more spreadsheets)... and let's be clear; resource planning is absolutely essential if you want to maximize the flow of successful projects within your portfolio.  
The quick-and-dirty intuition & spreadsheets approach is too sloppy, it's based on a bunch of assumptions that are never verbalized, and gets less useful as the portfolio scales up.  Oh, and it's almost impossible to keep up-to-date. 
The big, monolithic PPM system approach is too complicated, and too heavily based on a bunch of project-level plans of questionable quality.... and it's also almost impossible to keep up-to-date!
What's needed is a "Goldilocks" approach that marries the speed and simplicity of the intuitive approach with the power and scale of the PPM approach. 
This webinar will showcase a best-of-both worlds approach that any project portfolio leader at any size or scale can apply within minutes to help drive up the performance of their portfolios... all with a touch of AI magic!

If you can't make it to the live webinar, that's no problem - we'll send a recording of the session to everyone who registers.

About the Speakers: 

Mike Hannan

Mike is a leading-edge thinker, author of "The CIO's Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance", and all-round visionary when it comes to project delivery and portfolio management. As CEO of Fortezza Consulting he often helps clients double, triple or even quadruple their throughput of projects.

Dan Dures

As VP of Customer Success at TransparentChoice Dan is committed to helping clients to make better decisions through data, technology and teamwork.

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