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Discover the Secrets to Successful Business Transformation

Did you know that 70% - 90% of transformation programs fail? More general business transformation fares no better

In this webinar, we’re going to tackle this failure head-on. We’re going to ask: 

  • What is business transformation about? 
  • Why is it so hard? 
  • What is the blueprint for success? 

Join our CEO Stuart Easton in discussion with Lisa Wheatcroft, a seasoned business transformation survivor. She has successfully implemented transformation programs at large organizations within the aviation, transport and retail sector, improving colleague engagement and business performance during the change.

About the Speakers: 

Lisa Wheatcroft: As Managing Director of The Oriri Partnership she is recognised for her extensive experience in driving change and business transformation through the most important assets … people. She has implemented strategies that have increased colleague engagement by 20%, reduced costs by over £90m and improved organisational performance across the board. She's an expert in change management with a focus on organisational design and effectiveness.

Stuart Easton: As CEO of Transparent Choice, he helps organizations align their projects and initiatives with strategic goals. A guest lecturer on project prioritization at the University of Oxford, Stuart also speaks at various PMO conferences and events. His talks usually focus on how PMOs can deliver strategic value, identify waste, and eliminate pet projects. 

When: 18 May 2023 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST

Where: Online webinar, hosted on Zoom

Price: Free

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