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Amanda Oakenful - Spreadsheets are not free

So you think spreadsheets are free? Think again - you may not pay a fee to use them, but they're costing you big money in lost time, poor insight, and missed opportunities.

Let's hear it from Amanda Oakenfull, Associate Partner at IBM, on 23 March 2022. Drawing on many years of experience in leading international consultancy firms advising on enterprise-level program and portfolio management, Amanda will share real stories of when spreadsheets just don't come up to the mark. 

It's an interactive session where we will explore what does best practice look like and where you should draw a line with spreadsheets and look for something better and more cost effective.

Join us and share your experiences of the "mighty" spreadsheet. 

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About the Speaker: Amanda Oakenfull, Complex Program Management Practice Leader at IBM Consulting 

Amanda has a track record in turning around projects, programs, and portfolios.

As an experienced executive, Amanda brings over 20 years of professional experience in the public and private sector, where she has successfully delivered large transformations in the Defence, ICT, Telecommunications, Engineering, and Health sectors from initial strategy development through to implementation delivery and ongoing benefits realization.

She has also been engaged as a trusted advisor and also brings her deep experience to her role as a mentor within the Australian Institute of Project Management – PMO Program, upskilling the next generation of Portfolio and Program specialists.

Where: online webinar, hosted on Zoom

Price: free

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