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Free Decision-Making Tools

You make decisions every day. TransparentChoice is here to make that easier with a suite of free apps that support key decision types. Our goal is to help you make better decisions more quickly and we are adding more apps and templates all the time.

Here are just some of the apps you will get if you sign up today - and they’re all FREE:

  • Analytic Hierarchy Process - AHP is one of the most powerful tools for making business decisions. This light-weight tool gives you much of the power of AHP without the complexity, helping you make complex decisions easily, quickly and with great transparency.

  • Portfolio Kanban - Save time and money when collecting project requests. Move the process of requesting, evaluating and selecting a portfolio of projects or initiatives online - kill the spreadsheets!

  • Project prioritization - Your portfolio of projects is the link between strategy and execution. This app will help you clearly define the value of each project, making the whole selection process quicker, more transparent and less political.

  • Product features prioritization - Your product lives or dies by its features and the benefits they deliver to your customers. This app lets you quickly identify areas that add value for your customers, that differentiate you and that minimize risk and then use these factors to rank your “ideas”. The result, a clear, value-maximizing set of features for your product roadmap.

  • Hiring - The people in your business are what govern your success. This app lets you quickly identify the criteria you will use for hiring and will maintain an audit trail of how each candidate measures up against those criteria. This will not only help you find the right candidate, but will also keep you on the right side of the law by ensuring your selection criteria are transparent.

  • Vendor selection - Picking a vendor is an important decision. This is especially true for capital purchases like software, vehicles, hardware, plant or real estate. This app lets you capture your buying criteria and use them to quickly and clearly rank you alternatives while maintaining a clear audit-trail.

  • Angel investment - Choosing where to invest is often an excercise in gut-feel. This micro-app lets you compare investments side-by-side, letting you see which represent the best investment opportunity.


More apps coming soon...



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