Project Prioritization Criteria: Free Download

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Download this list of 80+ project prioritization criteria

This list of more than 80 commonly used criteria will help inspire you to come up with a list of criteria that is specific to your organization. 

Project Prioritization is a highly strategic task. Finding the right criteria is critical, but can be tricky. This document will help you:

  • Structure your brainstorming
  • Get a strong buy-in to the list of criteria
  • More quickly build consensus with stakeholders

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  • Strategic alignment - promote projects that align with the strategy

  • Organizational efficiency - promote projects that improve the effectiveness of our people

  • Sustainability - promote projects that increase the positive social and environmental impact of our business

  • Project risk - promote projects that have lower risk of failure

  • Organizational risk - promote projects that minimize risk of our business

  • Resilience - promote projects that increase the ability of the organization to respond to environmental changes

  • Technology fit - promote projects that leverage existing infrastructure and skills

  • Financial factors - promote projects that maximize the financial contribution to the company

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