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Making Change Stick


 Chris Maund, Founder and MD of CM Change  Solutions  Ltd.  has over 25 years’ experience managing  change  portfolios,  programmes and projects in various  industries  including  insurance,  law, financial services,  transport and  defence.

 Sharing his experience with us Chris said "One common  denominator with businesses is that they struggle to make  effective decisions throughout the change lifecycle."

 In this webinar Chris has highlighted a number of challenges  PMOs experience at various levels when supporting change and has also shared best  practices to  address those challenges so that PMOs can add value to the organisation at all levels. 

During this webinar, Chris Maund will;

  • Elaborate how can a PMO be more effective and contibute to the overall business strategy and objectives
  • Set out the need to focus on 'Value' as an integral part of good program of change
  • Give you concrete steps you can follow to implement better project portfolio management

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