Free Download: Introducing Project Prioritization to Your Key Stakeholders

prioritization buy-in slides

Start Building Buy-In for Effective Project Prioritization

Prioritization is a critical component of successful portfolio management, but implementing it effectively requires thoughtful change management. This download is the first step in not only understanding the importance of prioritization but also beginning to build buy-in among your key stakeholders for a seamless transition.

Let us help you write your deck

These resources are not just a “deck” or “pitch” for executives. Think of them more as a set of tools and you can pick-and-choose the tools / messages that you think will resonate in your organization.

We have put in some annotations and “extra slides” (which you should delete before presenting!) that explain / demonstrate how you might use these resources, but feel free to ignore us. Every organization is different. Each person you talk to is different so use your judgement, tweak and adjust these resources to your own situation.

When you embark on the journey of prioritization, you're taking steps towards meaningful organizational change. Our resources will help you make a compelling case to your stakeholders, ensuring that the transition is embraced company-wide.

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