Do PMO's Destroy Productivity?

Finding the Balance Between Chaos & Bureaucracy

Execs want more. More projects. More value. More change. 

Which is a problem for PMO's. 

You can put lots of processes in place to try and make project delivery repeatable - but this slows things down. 

OR you can just let people get on with it - and live with the ensuing chaos. 

So what's a poor PMO leader to do? 

Join our 12 Jan webinar where guest expert Mike Hannan will... 

  • Make sure you’re focused on the right projects to support strategic goals 
  • Help you find the “Governance & Process Sweet Spot” that lets you massively accelerate project delivery 
  • Explore how to be responsive to changes in projects and portfolios in an agile way 

In other words, we'll find the balance between too much process and who-shouts-loudest chaos in portfolio management. 

And it’s a balance that will set you free! 

About the Speaker: Mike Hannan, CEO Fortezza Consulting

Mike is a leading-edge thinker, author and all-round visionary when it comes to project delivery. As CEO of Fortezza Consulting he often helps clients double, triple or even quadruple throughput of projects.

When: 12 Jan 2023 at 4 PM GMT (11 AM EST / 8 AM PST)

Where: online webinar, hosted on Zoom

Price: free

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