Purpose Driven PMO

We’ve all seen the statistics that the average lifespan of a PMO is between 2-4 years. Why are these PMOs failing?

Research points to several factors including insufficient authority, unclear scope, self-serving rather than supporting, and overly bureaucratic processes and governance. How do we overcome these challenges and build PMOs which provide value and stand the test of time? 

The Purpose Driven PMO addresses factors which lead to failure in traditional PMO by starting with business needs rather than Project Management needs. To implement the Purpose Driven PMO, we utilize the P-M-O Approach of Purpose, Measure and Optimize. The Purpose Driven PMO aligns its Purpose with Executive Leadership, Measures performance to the agreed upon Purpose and establishing a culture of Optimization or Continuous Improvement. 

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the Power of Purpose, the P-M-O Approach, and steps organizations can take to immediately see benefits of building the Purpose Driven PMO.


About Speaker

Joe Radio

Joe Pusz, PMO Joe is the Founder and President of THE PMO SQUAD, a US-based PMO and Project Management Consulting firm. He is host of the Project Management Office Hours Radio Show and Podcast providing Project Management Leaders a platform to share their story.

He is also Co-Founder of VPMMA, the Veterans Project Management Mentoring Alliance which is a Non-Profit Organization assisting Veterans seeking to transition into civilian Project Management careers. Joe is a Judge for the 2020 Global PMO Awards and is a proud member of the Project Management Institute.

Join us for the live webinar on 17 March 2020, 9 AM PST.

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