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Decisions are the heart-blood of every organization. Every great success started with a decision, but then again, so does every failure. 

This blog looks at the black art of decision making

Specifically, our goal is to help our followers improve the quality of their decisions leading to better outcomes. We look at decision disasters, stories in the news, examples of great decision making and sometimes…. we'll just have some fun.

The blog mixes “how to…” articles with “what went wrong…” dissections, light-hearted stories with life-and-death decisions. We look at organizational behavior and cognitive neuroscience to try and understand how to make better decisions. 

But most of all, this is a practical blog

We look at analytic hierarchy process (AHP), collaborative decision making and decision making tools. We look at how to apply them to problems of project prioritization, strategic planning, infrastructure planning, procurement, technology selection, vendor selection, managing an R&D pipeline / portfolio and more.

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